What You Need to Know About Data SGP

data sgp

If you’re using data sgp to monitor student performance, it is essential that you understand its various data points that comprise an SGP report and interpret its meaning accordingly. To achieve this objective, one way is to gain an in-depth knowledge of how SGPs are calculated as well as each data point in an SGP report report.

SGP data is an innovative metric designed to assess student achievement by comparing current raw scores with similar ones from years gone by. SGP reports can also serve as predictors of future success; teachers using SGP reports can use student reports to ascertain whether or not students are on track for graduation; if not, additional support might be needed.

To interpret an SGP report, the first column includes each student’s unique identifier while the following five columns (SS_2013, SS_2014, SS_2015, SS_2016 and SS_2017) provide scale scores associated with student assessments in each of the past five years (if they don’t exist they will appear as NA). Reports can be downloaded via the web interface as CSV files for easier analysis or can even be imported directly into any spreadsheet program for easier importing and use.

Apart from receiving an SGP report with their raw score and number of previous scores in each section, students also will receive reports including student growth percentiles that show how their current performance compares with similar students’ from years prior. Student growth percentiles allow teachers to assess whether or not a child is making adequate progress in reading and math.

Although there are numerous methods for calculating Student Growth Percentiles (SGP), one of the easiest and most straightforward is the percentile approach. It allows schools to easily monitor student progress over time as well as identify any areas requiring extra help for a particular child. Assessment can take place at any point throughout the year for easy implementation by teachers and school administration alike.

For an in-depth overview of how to read and analyze SGP reports, take a look at the sgpData Analysis Vignette. It offers information on how to use sgpData and wide-format data specifically in performing analyses within SGP software package, while providing tutorial on its functionality and how to get the most from it. You’ll find this vignette available through online help in SGP package’s help menu – if any further assistance is required please reach out; we would be more than happy to assist! If any inquiries arises please reach out – we would be more than willing to assist!