What is the HK Prize?

The H K Prize is an international award that honors scientists whose research has had a profound effect on society. Open to researchers worldwide and chosen through an impartial selection process without sponsorship or committee influences, its winner will receive both a financial reward as well as international exposure.

The BOCHK Science and Technology Innovation Prize is a non-governmental merit-based award presented by Bank of China (Hong Kong) Limited to recognize scientists and research teams in Hong Kong for their achievements in scientific and technological innovation, and how those achievements translate to real social or economic value creation. It covers any field related to scientific and technological innovation such as artificial intelligence/robotics, life/healthcare innovation, materials/energy innovation, advanced manufacturing/FinTech etc.

Finalists in this competition not only win monetary prizes but also receive shopping vouchers and F&B benefits. Since this contest is highly competitive, it is wise to read all rules and regulations carefully prior to entering and play only at trusted websites with promotions that increase chances of victory.

Finalists include a student who utilized technology to assist homeless individuals and an artist who interprets human rights issues into fine art concepts. Organisers hope that this prize will encourage more students to follow their dreams and reach success; furthermore, the Hong Kong Prize provides an effective means of promoting science among youth.

This year’s finalists of the Hong Kong Prize include a student who used technology to assist homeless students, and an artist who interprets human rights concepts into fine art concepts. All finalists receive scholarships that will assist with their studies. Furthermore, this event serves as an invaluable chance for students to improve their writing abilities as well as learn about Asian culture and history.

Past recipients have included students for their outstanding contributions in various fields; some even went on to win the Nobel prize! It is truly inspiring and fantastic that so many young people are engaging with science.

The Hong Kong Prize (hk prize) is an incredible way for high school students to recognize their hard work. Participants have the chance to win a monetary prize and visit Hong Kong’s premier research facilities, all while encouraging more participation in science. Thanks to this competition, more kids will become interested in math and science – something which will greatly aid both their economy and healthcare access in general. So don’t wait any longer, join today in playing the hk Prize!