Sydney Pools

Sydney is home to many stunning pools and is a vibrant hub of swimming enthusiast community members. Swimming has many health and social benefits; not only can it aid health and fitness goals, but swimming also serves as an effective therapy for people living with joint and mobility issues, providing great exercise. Furthermore, having your own pool allows you to swim whenever desired without incurring costly public swimming facility membership fees.

Losing a public pool can have a devastating impact on a community, leaving memories and heritage behind. Canterbury Pool in Sydney’s south-west suburb Canterbury had long been beloved local swimming spot; its closure will leave residents longing for its intoxicating chlorine aroma and heartwarming community events held there – Yusra Metwally, an attorney and community advocate is mourning its departure.

Metwally views ocean pools as unique in that they represent values such as equality, diversity, mateship and fun for their communities – they’re “public pools where Australia’s history of swimming culture can be seen reflected”.

Ocean pools are manmade public seawater pools designed to act both as beach safety measures and leisure amenities. Their walls allow waves to wash in while simultaneously keeping predatory sharks at bay; swimmers also get the pleasure of immersing in lively seawater that’s protected from powerful currents that often characterise city beaches’ surf beaches.

Sydneysiders still use these pools today, even if their use has diminished somewhat since they opened. A visit to Cremorne Point’s MacCallum Pool for instance will reveal a stunning harbour swimming hole where swimmers can see both the Opera House and Harbour Bridge from its picturesque setting; scores of world records have even been broken there since it first opened its doors back in 1936, cheered on by fans in its steep concrete grandstands.

When looking to add a custom pool to your backyard, it’s essential that you work with an insured and licensed Sydney pool builder. Before making your selection, ask about their process, pricing structure and warranty coverage options before selecting a builder. An experienced contractor can listen carefully to your ideas while making sure it complies with regulations and codes in an impressive way. They’ll conduct an inspection to make sure the pool can be built safely on site, without interfering with underground power lines or utilities. Start your Sydney pool builder search on Houzz where you can view photos of other homeowners’ pools and ask for reviews and testimonials from previous clients. Contact some builders directly so you can ask questions and gauge their professionalism – the right pool builder can help create the backyard oasis of your dreams!