Sydney Pools – Not All Pools Are Created Equal

sidney pools

Sydney is home to countless swimming pools, from iconic post-war public pools and backyard private ones, to iconic post-war public pools and backyard private ones. Many people consider the pool an important focal point in family and community life all year round – even when the temperatures don’t quite hit hot! When installing one in your home, working with an experienced builder is key if you want the best outcome from your investment backed up with warranties in case any problems arise with it. We have two authorized pool builders located within Sydney who would be more than happy to discuss your options when building or renovating existing backyard pools or renovating existing ones.

Swimming pools may be costly to construct and maintain, yet they’re an essential feature of modern Sydney homes. Not only can they offer respite from the scorching summer heat but they can also serve as a fun place for children to learn while being heated all year round to be used year-round.

But not all pools are equal. Recently, one major swimming pool company declared bankruptcy and left its customers with uncompleted projects and nothing but dirt in their backyards. Scenic Pools, a fibreglass pool building company that prides itself on ‘complete transparency’ sent out an email on May 3 advising its clients that it had liquidated and expected a liquidator to reach out shortly thereafter.

Emails caused widespread consternation among customers who had spent months or even years waiting for their swimming pools to be installed in their backyards and paid deposits of as much as $64,000 on them. Many had also already completed payments of some kind as deposits for new pools – some customers left with large holes left by contractors leaving without making deliveries on time and without refunding deposits paid up front for new pools!

Swimming pools and waterholes of all sizes and varieties are an integral part of our Australian heritage and way of life. Competitive swimming has long been part of the Australian culture; some iconic swimming spots can be found in Sydney such as Canterbury pool where Yusra Metwally learned how to swim or the historic Fig Tree Baths which hosted Australia’s inaugural official open competitions back in 1846.

On the National Trust heritage register are various rock and ocean pools like those at Narrabeen, Narrandra and Wylie Baths which adorn cliff edges or spectacularly hinge off points. While their shapes vary considerably – from rectangles to more abstract designs – all offer visitors an oasis of calm for relaxation in Sydney’s hot climate. These iconic watering holes contribute to Sydney’s popularity as a swimmable city.