Hong Kong Public Pools

Hong Kong offers many public pools for both serious swimmers and casual bathers to relax by the water, including both indoor and outdoor options – you’re sure to find a spot that meets your needs! With indoor and outdoor options available there’s sure to be something suitable.

At the Ritz-Carlton’s remarkable 118th-floor swimming pool, guests can unwind while taking in stunning views of Hong Kong Island and Victoria Harbour from their floor-to-ceiling windows, while LCD screens on walls and ceiling display images of tropical fish, bubbles, clouds and beach scenes – perfect for relaxing after an enjoyable swim in Victoria Harbour or Hong Kong Island!

Swimming pools are free to enter; all that’s necessary are swimwear, towel and suncream. If you plan on visiting multiple pools during your visit, bring coins for lockers – they usually cost $5 but if you return the key you could even get your money back!

One of the best places for your kids to have fun splashing around is Ma On Shan Swimming Pool. Situated next to Tolo Harbour, this sprawling complex features teaching, diving and children’s pools as well as four giant water slides – with the highest being 9m high! Kids will especially love sliding down these slides! Additionally, toddler training pools and whimsical water installations like mushroom- and tree-shaped fountains add another fun element.

Kwun Tong swimming pool provides another fun family outing option with small slides, water guns and animals for kids to climb upon. Closed on Tuesdays for cleaning purposes.

If you’re seeking a more relaxing pool experience, Causeway Bay and Wan Chai pools may be ideal. Both offer more serenity than some of the larger public pools with less amenities available to swimmers; there’s even lane swimming options and a snack bar!

Swimming can be an amazing way to relieve stress and improve your overall health and fitness, alleviating depression and other mental health conditions in addition to providing low-impact exercise that is gentle on joints – perfect for people living with mobility challenges!

When starting a pool project of your own, it’s essential that you set a budget. While an entry-level concrete or fiberglass pool package typically starts around $45,000 to $50,000, adding landscaping, spas and other optional features could cost significantly more. To save money and enjoy similar benefits of an in-ground pool installation without breaking the bank, an above-ground fiberglass pool might be more appropriate and offer greater affordability – consider opting for an above-ground fiberglass option which still delivers benefits similar to its in-ground counterparts.