Hong Kong Pools – 5 of the World’s Most Spectacular

hongkong pools

Hongkong is world-famous for its shopping, but this city also boasts some of the world’s most breathtaking pools – from The Peninsula’s luxurious indoor sand-filled pool to The Ritz-Carlton’s glass bottomed 82nd floor pool on its 82nd floor, here are five that stand out.

Swimming in Hong Kong can be both relaxing and beneficial to your health. Swimming has been shown to improve cardiovascular and respiratory fitness, reduce stress levels and decrease blood pressure; additionally it has also been found to aid weight loss, lower chronic diseases risk such as heart disease and stroke as well as improving self-confidence and mood.

Hong Kong’s best pools provide the ideal setting for unwinding with a book and taking in stunning cityscape views, without needing to travel far from your hotel. Most pools in the city are open daily from noon-1pm with some offering wellness classes such as aqua yoga or tai chi.

Leisure and Cultural Services Department operates 22 public pools which can be accessed for HK$17 on weekdays and HK$19 on weekends; those aged 60 years or above, between 3-13 years of age or full-time students can also avail themselves of discounted rates.

LKF’s union has requested that authorities grant schools and training centres access to swimming pools even when lifeguards are unavailable, providing that a qualified individual remains on site during operation hours. They have also asked that government increase salaries of seasonal lifeguards as well as hire more on two-year contracts so as to reduce staff shortages.

While many may prefer lounging poolside during their vacation, taking a dip in one of Hong Kong’s grandest pools can be an unforgettable experience. At The Peninsula’s breathtaking pool adorned with Roman-inspired design and statuesque columns, you’ll experience vacationing like you were staying in an opulent villa!

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