Cool Off at These Hong Kong Hotels With Their Own Pools

hk pools

Hong Kong offers plenty of public swimming pools to provide an exhilarating and splashy way to cool off, some even equipped with slides and fountains! For something a bit quieter and relaxing, hotels with their own pools may provide just what you’re after; from Victoria Harbour views overlooking relaxing pools to breathtaking infinity views with breathtaking panoramic views – not forgetting top-of-the-line facilities and dining options after taking a dip!

With temperatures and humidity skyrocketing, now is an excellent time to visit Hong Kong pools for some refreshing swimming action. From adventurous swimmers seeking adrenaline rushes in deep-end dives to those seeking sanctuary from sandy conditions (think Anakin Skywalker!), pool staycations offers the ideal escape from heat.

At Causeway Bay’s large complex, there is a collection of pools with differing depths and water zones that everyone can enjoy. What sets this place apart, though, are its incredible selection of water slides – fun for people of all ages to ride! Additionally, there’s also a leisure pool area featuring an attractive fountain where visitors can lounge by and take in stunning cityscape views.

The outdoor pool at The Royal Palm Hotel provides not only an ideal spot for a swim, but is an impressive Instagram-worthy backdrop as well. Even more special is that from its jacuzzi you can witness Victoria Harbour come alive at sunset – making this truly spectacular end of every day!

Only thing better than enjoying a glass of bubbly on the beach is sipping it while floating in a pool with friends – and what makes the rooftop pool at Island Shangri-La truly breathtaking is that it is open to both guests and non-guests alike!

With 44 public swimming pools across the territory, it should not be difficult to locate one within reasonable driving distance. While admission prices vary per pool, these public pools provide an economical alternative for those unable to afford expensive club fees!